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Director Geoff Hall, of Taipan Traders cares about the health and safety of our customers by only using high quality raw materials to build reliable outstanding products that have great value for money.
Our customers come first!

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The Mining and Carbon Tax is affecting the mining sector and all businesses throughout Australia!
Curb the trend and SAVE NOW! Get performance products at the right and sensible price.
Contact Geoff Hall (Director) from Taipan Traders today via email, geoff@taipantraders.com.au or on 0499 555 222.

Taipan Traders is a proudly Australian owned and operated chemical supply company specialising in chemical cleaning products for the farming, food, industrial, railway and mining industries.

Chemicals Gold Coast, Brisbane, QueenslandTaipan Traders are chemical supply specialists based on the Gold Coast, Queensland with the aim of developing an extensive range of top quality and affordable maintenance and cleaning chemical products, as well as to distribute exceptional products from a few of Australia’s leading chemical and cleaning suppliers.

All product technical support can be obtained from Taipan Traders directly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0417 591 114. Taipan Traders can also manufacture and modify any product to suit customer satisfaction and applications.

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