Taipan Mango De-Zap (De-Sap)

Introducing Taipan Mango De-Zap – Mango Sap Remover, an excellent Australian-made mango de-sap product specifically designed for the mango growing industry for the rapid removal of mango sap and reducing sap burn from mangoes to give growers perfect, sap-free mangoes.

Taipan Mango De-ZAP is a major breakthrough in cleaning technology, a sophisticated formulation, this non-DG (Dangerous Good) product contains high levels of water softening and rinsing agents. It contains no fillers, fully dissolves in hard water, has low chlorine content and surfactants.

This product is reliable and very economical to use and customers will save money on freight charge being a non-DG product. On average, customers will save around 20% over our competitors. Get ready for Mango season with presentable mangoes ready for market!

Will supply MSDS/PDS upon purchase. No Credit Facility. Bought in any volume!

If you would like more information on Taipan Mango De-Zap, please contact Taipan Traders today, we’ll be happy to help!

Contact Geoff at Taipan Traders on 0499 555 222

Our Other Mango Sap Removers

Mango Supreme Liquid De-ZAP
An excellent alternative to our flagship powdered product. This liquid is easy to use, economical and just as effective.

Biodegradeable Mango De-ZAP – New Product
An excellent new environmentally friendly and economical, liquid based mango de-sapper used to clean sap from picked mangoes. This product has a neutral pH, so there’s no skin irritation when in use.

Last Updated: Sunday, 12 July, 2015