Egg and Poultry Industry Cleaning Products

Taipan Traders have developed a range of quality cleaning and sanitising products on a poultry egg farm for the poultry industry. All these products are available from Bellsouth Poultry Equipment.

For More Information on Taipan Traders Products for the Poultry/Egg Industry:

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Central Poultry Industries
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Bellsouth Poultry Equipment
Address:Narre Warren, VIC 3805
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Contact Geoff Hall at Taipan Traders for Technical Support
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“Clean Sanitised Equipment = Safe Food”

Bellsouth Poultry Equipment

Egg and Poultry Industry Cleaning Products
Eggceptional ® – This product is registered with ChemAlert.
Eggceptional ® is a quality, powder-based exterior egg wash.

Eggceptional ® Q – This product is registered Code Green with ChemAlert.
Eggceptional ® Q is a quality, liquid-based exterior egg wash.

Egg Shell Shield – New Product
Egg Shell Shield is a cleaning agent/detergent which helps control cross-infection of dangerous pathogens on the exterior shell of the eggs. Egg Shell Shield is a secondary backup to our Eggceptional ® products!

ACIGuard Boot Cleaner – New Product
ACIGuard Boot Cleaner is a quality acidic steriliser that is designed to help eradicate dangerous cross infections such as LISTERIA. ACIGuard Boot Cleaner is an acidic based detergent that LISTERIA cannot survive and will not cause staining on boots or surfaces.

ACIGuard Foamer Cleaner H/F – New Product
ACIGuard Foamer Cleaner H/F is a unique acid based fixotropic detergent cleaner. This product has it all, containing high-quality biocides to counteract dangerous viral/bacterial cross infections, this product operates below pH of 4, therefore, Listeria and other cross infections will not survive.

Egg Cleanser – New Product
Egg Cleanser is a HD (heavy duty) liquid exterior egg cleaner used by a computer pump or manually added.

Poultry and Egg Shed Protector – New Product
Poultry and Egg Shed Protector is a liquid based cleaning compound. Quality cleaning compound to remove soils and helps control cross infections in the poultry industry.

Poultry Fogging Compound – New Product
Poultry Fogging Compound is an effective liquid fogging compound used to control cross infections in the poultry industry. To be applied using fogging equipment on equipment surfaces.

Egg Tank Cleaner – New Product
Egg Tank Cleaner is a liquid based, low foam, internal egg tank cleaner.

A Testimonial For Our Egg Farming Cleaning Products Eggceptional ® Q
After talking to Geoff about requirements for egg washing, we decided to develop an egg
washing liquid specifically for the non-recycled style of egg washer/sanitiser.

Geoff took our requirements and ideas and formulated a liquid designed for cleaning and
sanitising eggs, specifically for use with the Sanitouch type egg washer.
We called this egg washing liquid Eggceptional ® Q. We did a short trial on our Sanitouch
machines and found that customers were happy with the results.

We found that:
1) it does what it should and
2) that it performs better than previous products used.

Recently, we had poultry farm staff ask us for ideas to help them as they were struggling
with their egg washing. We recommended that they try using Eggceptional ® Q. After their
trial, they called us back to tell us how impressed they were with the results. They reported
better cleaning, dryer eggs, existing smells removed and they believed less product was
being used for more gain.

On top of this, we know that the Quaternary compounds used in Eggceptional ® Q will remain
active longer than other products used while the eggs proceed to sale.
I’d like to thank Geoff Hall, Director of Taipan Traders, for developing a high-quality product
that is required in the poultry industry.

Bellsouth Poultry Equipment
March 2016

A Testimonial For Our Egg Farming Cleaning Products
We at Jacobs Well Egg Farm have been dealing with Geoff for the last 12 months, and credit Geoff on his high quality service, great pricing and extensive knowledge, but most of all, his helpful and down-to-earth attitude….Geoff makes sure that your products are right for you and that they work effectively. If you need to alter your products, Geoff is more than happy to and continues to do so until the customer is 100% satisfied….We at the Jacobs Well Egg Farm highly recommend Geoff Hall and his company Taipan Traders, and will continue with their services for many years to come. Read More

JP & MR Grech
Jacobs Well Egg Farm
January 2011

Egg Tank De-stainer – New Product
Egg Tank De-stainer is a heavy duty, liquid based, low foam cleaner which removes tenacious staining within egg cleaning tanks.

Incubator Cleaner NRS – New Product
Incubator Cleaner NRS is a liquid compoind to help control cross infections – no rinse cleaner.

Cage Cleaner – New Product
Cage Cleaner is a liquid-based compound used for removing soils and cleaning all mobile and fixed poultry cages.

Poultry Shed Solve – New Product
Poultry Shed Solve is an ethanol based liquid cleaner. It is used on on all surfaces where water is not readily available. Do not rinse.

Egg Equipment Cleaner – New Product
Egg Equipment Cleaner is a liquid based cleaning compound for cleaning soils from all facets of the egg and poultry industry.

Eggceptional ® is a registered trademark of Taipan Traders (Trade Mark No. 2005788)