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Bellsouth Poultry Equipment
Address: Unit 8, 5-7 Vesper Drive, Narre Warren, VIC 3805 (View on Map)
Contact: Simon or Kelly
Phone: (03) 9796 7044

Bellsouth Poultry Equipment now supply these quality beverage and wine industry cleaning and sanitising compounds:

Seek CIP Ultra
Quality heavy duty liquid alkaline, low foam detergent. Removes stains and soils from stainless steel surfaces.

Typhoon CIP
Quality acidic liquid, low foam detergent. Neutralises any alkaline residual. Helps eradicate bacteria and cross infections.

Brewery Micron/Filter Klenzer
State of the art liquid alkaline, chlorinated, low foam detergent. Removes calcium on micron filters and stops cross infections by sanitising surfaces.

Viperfoam Plus
Excellent alkaline chlorinated high foam detergent used on exterior of beverage and winery equipment to clean and sanitise. Can also be used for cleaning floors, packing benches and other production line equipment. Used via foam method.

Bellsouth Poultry Equipment