Shipping and Marine Industry Products

Marine Shipping Sanitation and Cleaning Products

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Marine and Shipping Cleaning Products

Metal Shield Protector – New Product
An anti-corrosion compound for alloy and metal. Applied with soak process or brush on method.

A multifunction detergent, emulsifies heavy crude oil and greases. Phosphate Free, Low pH (8). Bio-degradeable. Suitable for all industries.

Highly concentrated combination of inhibited acids, Removes rust and scale formation prior to painting. Can be used soak or brush method.

Marine Tank Klenzer
Highly concentrated alkaline salts powder. Low foam. May be used hot or low temperature. Removes heavy grease and oils from pumping lines and tanks.

Marine Waste Disposal Deodorizer
Highly concentrated combination of quat/biocide sanitisers. Eliminates bacteria and mal-odours.

Marine / Ships Tank Sanitiser
Highly concentrated anti-bacterial biocide. Eradicates fungal spores and slime build up from enclosed water systems. Helps control cross infection.

Marine Solvent Degreaser
Highly concentrated solvent degreaser, brush or soak method. Removes the heaviest of greases and oils from marine components. Will emulsify in water.

Marine Deck Clean
High concentrated low foam, alkaline salts detergent. Removes oils and greases safely from ships decking. Free rinsing.

Captain Nemo Degreaser
Heavy duty water based multi purpose economical degreaser. Removes grease and oils from marine equipment. Application is by spray method and is free rinsing.

Neptunes Hand Cleaner
A well balanced hand cleaner that contains no hydrocarbons. Removes heavy grease and oils safely from hands. Free rinsing and is ideal for shipping and marine industry.

Sea Hag – Oil / Sludge Remover
Latest technology A&B (Combination) Cleaner. Operates at 60ºC. Soak process for all metals. Removes oils, grease, paint and carbon from alloy and steel.

Whoop Arsz Transcleanz
Powder compound, fully inhibited, has a low foam capabilities, removes heavy oils and greases safely. Will remove carbon from exhaust ports at certain concentration and temperature. Ideal for shipping and marine.

Shipping Industry Cleaners and Sanitation

Tub/Crate Wash LF
An alkaline, low foam chlorinated CIP detergent. Can be used in a commercial dishwasher.

Marine Shower Klenzer
Highly concentrated, chlorinated detergent. Removes body fat and helps control cross infection of bacterial from shower recesses. Free rinsing.

Neptunes Laundry powder HD
A highly concentrated, powdered laundry detergent. Low dose rate, removes the heaviest soils from overalls and general linen. Can be used in top and front end loading washing machines. May be used in cold water.

Marine – Dunny Destroyer
Effective detergent and disinfectant. Eliminates bacteria and soil residual from ammenties blocks. Ideal for shipping and marine.

Marine Galley Klenzer
A liquid solvent alkaline based kitchen degreaser detergent. Degreases kitchen equipment and floors. Free rinsing.

Marine Oven Klenzer
Heavy duty, alkaline detergent for ovens, hotplates and BBQ’s. Removes grease, oil, carbon. Doesn’t contain caustic, free rinsing. Manual product.

Marine Sink Detergent
Quality low PH sink detergent. Manual use for sink purposes. Free rinses, environmentally friendly.

Marine – Toilet Terminator
Acidic based detergent, used for urinals and toilet bowls. Removals residual and eliminates offensive mal-odours. Brush method. Free rinsing.

Auto Dishwasher Powder
A concentrated, chlorinated low foam powder for dishwashers. Low dose rate. Removes and sanitises cutlery, plates, cups and cooking utensils. Operating temperature should be 60-65 degrees Celsius. Rinse water should be 82-88 degrees Celsius. Ideal for commercial and industrial dishwashers.