Our Customer Testimonials

We pride ourselves on creating the best products backed with quality customer service. Here’s what some of our customers have said about Taipan Traders and our products.

Dear Geoff,

We have found Viperfoam Ultra to be the best product as yet for our packing shed cleaning. It removes banana sap and other hard stains from multiple surfaces including concrete tanks, conveyor belts and stainless steel. We would definitely recommend this product for use in other horticulture packing sheds.

Thank you again for your help.

Debbie Murray
Red Valley
November 2018

Dear Geoff,

Firstly, let me thank you for taking the time to drive out and meet with me!

Your extensive knowledge made it so easy to ensure that I would be using the right product for the job and let me say the product certainly did the job! (FANTASTICALLY). I also did try Mango Supreme HW and was very impressed by this product too!

Both Mango Supreme HW & Liquid Mango De-Zap do a fantastic job at removing all the sap and the fruit was left squeaky clean and when rinsed the water was beading on the fruits skins.

My Mangoes have stored better than ever and I put this down to how clean they are from your products!

My preference of the two was Liquid Mango De-Zap! & this is only due to its easy storage and use, they both worked beautifully.

I have encouraged other people to give Taipan Traders a go as you have many different products available for various jobs, and that they only gain by using great quality products saving Time, Money $$$ and in my case produce!

All in all I give it the thumbs up A+++++

Thank You and we will continue to use your products into the future.

Sam Richards
November 2017

Dear Geoff,

Let me start with thanking you for Producing and supplying such quality products!

It’s a definite money saver having a top quality product like ARCTIC BLUE in my laundry.

“Wow” what a great product! Arctic Blue almost removed in one wash the in-ground dirt that would not budge with some of the expensive supermarket bought laundry detergents that I had washed with over and over but the stains where still highly visible.

ARCTIC BLUE has surpassed my expectations on Value, Quality and Performance.

I will from now on use only this product as it works wonderfully, smells nice and has not caused any irritation of any sort to me or my family.

Sam Richards
November 2017

To Whom it may concern

Fraser Coast Regional Council has used the two following products Flood Disinfectant & Flyaway Deodorant from Taipan Traders for a number of years now & have found these products to be very effective in the application in which we have used them for. Thanks,

Ron Broom
Supervisor Business Operations
Fraser Coast Waste
March 2017

G’day Geoff,
Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with using your Flood Disinfectant product.

It has been good to be able to move away from storing multiple products, and change to an all in 1 chemical that suits our needs. We are very happy with it, and the pleasant aroma it leaves behind after use.

We use it to eliminate odours in our sewerage stations, and also from our dead animal carcass pit at our landfill.

It’s a great product Geoff, and I thank you for developing it for us.

Many Thanks

Michael Colbran
Moree Plains Shire Council
March 2017

Dear Geoff

I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with your “Plumbers Drain Cleaner” product.

Recently I was called to two separate jobs, both blocked kitchen drainage lines in houses obviously blocked with fat and grease. Unable to use the electric eel, I poured about 2 litres of your product down each drain. Let it sit for a while and then plunged. The drains cleared with ease.

Its great to have a product that works.

Thank you

Peter Clear
PM & SJ Clear Plumbing
August 2015


ADPS has a great working relationship with Taipan Traders. Geoff is attentive and understands our specific requirements and is always willing to work with us to provide suitable options for the smooth running of our business. Reliable, flexible, knowledgeable and resourceful are just a few ways in which we would describe Taipan Traders.

Kind Regards

Graham Heilig
Australian Diesel Particulate Services Pty Ltd
August 2015

Good evening

Please find below our reference for the Taipan Products.

We have been using taipan products for some time. We find the products are
value for money and had unbelievable results.

I would urge anyone to try the Taipan Products to see for yourself.


Russell and Robyn Drury
July 2015

To whom it may concern
We have been supplying Taipan Traders products “Trawler Degreaser” and “Pirate Acid” to our commercial fishing clients for over 5 years. Our customers find both products to be extremely effective in use on their vessels, in a harsh environment.

I have always found Taipan Traders to give us prompt and reliable service and am only too happy to recommend them and these products to others.

Yours faithfully,

Greg Moore
Marina Manager
Townsville Ross River Marina
0408 870 261

June 2015

To whom it may concern
My organisation operates a series of odour control trickling bio filter units at its sewerage treatment plants. At locations where the odour units have to deal with high H2S loadings, for consistent performance it is necessary to provide a conditioning mixture into the bio filter spray water.

For this purpose we have dosing tanks and dosing pumps. The tanks contain a concentrated mixture of recycled water and powdered conditioning ingredients.

My organisation originally sourced these ingredients as soluble power in 20kg bags, this exercise created some manual handling and maintenance problems. (Pump blockages)

To avoid this problem I invited a number of companies to quote for a bulk liquid supply of concentrated conditioning mixture.

Geoff responded quickly and offered the most cost effective solution (1000L polycons). We have been using their product for several months now.

The product is performing well, the manual handling problem is gone and as result of improved mixing chemical use is down and pump blockages are now rare.

Taipan Traders have proved to be a reliable supplier.   

Robert Jackson

March 2015

Hi Geoff,

Air Emulsine is cost effective and does a good job of removing new and old Emulsion they (the Jet Patchers) prefer to use it over other products that they have tried.

And we have tried numerous products and Air Emulsine seems to do a far better job of removing emulsion overspray from the trucks.

Halledge Truck Wash it’s another good product of yours that is used daily and cost effective, it is used through our Pressure Cleaner where there is no waste.

Everyone that uses the wash bay area are happy with Halledge Truck Wash.


Mark Ward
Supply Officer
Walgett Shire Council

February 2015


I am happy to endorse the Air Emulsion Degreaser.

The staff who operate our Jet Patchers prefer this product to the other products I have trialled. I have trialled many products and have found that Air Emulsion Degreaser gives good value for money.

The staff members find that it removes the emulsion overspray quite easily and is also very effective on older tar spots, leaving our vehicles in a cleaner and a more acceptable condition.


David Graham
Store/ Purchasing Superintendent
Moree Plains Shire Council
February 2015

To Geoff,

We started using Hot Tank 1 and we found that it had amazing results!

It removed thick grease and carbon, paint and light rust with ease. We even went against the recommendation of and used the product in cold water and achieved these great results.

Heated 70° we found that Hot Tank 1 is exceptional, it made our blocks and heads come out of the tank with a new cast appearance.

This is the best product that we have used.

Well done Geoff!!

Well done Taipan!!

Kind regards

Robby Abbott
Abbott Engines
Southport, QLD

Industry Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:
Diesel Australia has been using cleaning products and chemicals from Taipan Traders for many years. We would have no hesitation to recommend their products to others in our field. Some, but not all of the products we use are-

“Tranzclenz” We have been using this in our hotwash for a number of years. We use it to remove oil, grease and dirt from aluminium, steel and plastic. Has great rust preventative properties and leaves our hotwash easy to clean at maintenance time.

“Ultrasonic HD” We use this in our 150L ultrasonic cleaner. It removes carbon and paint from steel with ease in a short period of time. Now comes with a booster bottle which extends the life of the cleaner. We have tried many other brands in our sonic and nothing comes close to Taipan.

“Air Emulsine Degreaser” This product has only been in use at Diesel Australia for a short time. This is a concentrate degreaser that we mix at a rate of 1 part AED to 3 parts petrol/diesel. The petrol/diesel is the fuel that we remove from vehicles that have suspect diesel or diesel that has been contaminated with petrol by the customer. This saves us money in two ways and is an excellent performing degreaser.

Guy Hall
Workshop Manager
Diesel Australia

45 – 47 Allgas Street
Slacks Creek QLD 4127
March 2013

Clancy’s Pies is a household name, in the baking industry and our products come at the highest standard. We are a HACCAP approved production facility, this meant that our suppliers and their products have to meet the high standard expected by Clancy’s, as well as those expected by HACCAP, and Workplace Health & Safety.

We have been dealing with Taipan Traders for a period of 6 months, the product is unsurpassed, and Geoff has been able to attend to our needs both and large and small, sometimes with minimal lead time.

Patrick Clancy
Managing Directory, Clancy’s
October 2011

To Whom It May Concern,

We are writing this reference on behalf of Geoff Hall of Taipan Traders. We at Jacobs Well Egg Farm have been dealing with Geoff for the last 12 months, and credit Geoff on his high quality service, great pricing and extensive knowledge, but most of all, his helpful and down-to-earth attitude.

When you purchase products from Geoff Hall, you’re not just getting a product, you’re getting helpful advice and training for you and your staff. After you purchase your products, the service does not stop there. Geoff makes sure that your products are right for you and that they work effectively. If you need to alter your products, Geoff is more than happy to and continues to do so until the customer is 100% satisfied.

Geoff also provides all equipment necessary to get you started.

We at the Jacobs Well Egg Farm highly recommend Geoff Hall and his company Taipan Traders, and will continue with their services for many years to come.

JP & MR Grech
Jacobs Well Egg Farm
January 2011
To Whom It May Concern

We have been delighted with the results since using products we have purchased from Taipan Traders in the areas of washing aircraft, degreasing, paint stripping and general maintenance of our aircraft.

Our company is a diverse aviation busienss where we offer adventure style flights in our Mig 15 Jet Warbird to our Areial Agricultural Business (trading as R-MACH Aviation). The wash, in particular has been a godsend to us as we have a varied type of residue left on our aircraft from agricultural chemicals and oil to insets and dust. The recent bushfires in the Rockhampton region produced ash and other grime hard to clean on our aircraft and hangar floor which was no problem cleaning with the wash.

We would highly recommend these products to anyone.

Yours faithfully

Richard and Susie McDonald
Mig Jet Adventures
May 2010
Just a note with a big THANK YOU, We have received the AIR EMULSINE degreaser you supplied and have now tried it on several different types of degreasing jobs with great success. These range from engine bays after servicing, degreasing aircraft belly’s to removing oil spills from the hangar floor.

As I first advised you we have not had an exceptable product for serveral years (since the demise of turco’s airmulso) and I would not hesitate to recommend this and your cropduster detergent to anybody. If you have any other clients who require these products don’t hesitate in giving them my phone number.

It’s a pleasure to deal with a supplier that has both a good product and good service.

Wayne McGilvray
Tableland Aircraft Maintenance
Mareeba Airport NQ
29 June, 2009