Railway Industry Cleaning Products

All Taipan Traders Railway Products are ChemAlert approved.
What is Code Green?
The colour rating system is provided by ChemAlert to identify potential chemical hazards. A Green colour rating represents a LOW HAZARD with normal use. Our products registered in the railway industry registry have been coded GREEN and are safe to use within normal use.
Railway Industry Cleaning Products

Railway Degreaser – New Product
Railway Degreaser is a heavy duty, solvent based, railway industry degreaser. This product breaks down heavy grease, railway oils, lubricants and railway soils rapidly and is free rinsing.

Safety Railway Cleaner – New Product
Safety Railway Cleaner is a neutral pH 7 product, this product is perfect as a railway carriage detergent and removes very tenacious railway soils. This product is free rinsing.

Safety Railway Cleaner HD – New Product
Safety Railway Cleaner HD is a water solvent based cleaner. It removes soot, residual in paint work and a variation of soils in the railway industry. This product has a neutral pH of 7 and foams well.

Safety Railway Cleaner Ultra – New Product
Safety Railway Cleaner Ultra is a high quality, complex solvent based detergent product used in the railway industry to clean tenacious soils. This product has a neutral pH of 7 and is free rinsing.

Outstanding Railway Cleaner – New Product
Outstanding Railway Cleaner is a state of the art formulation with a neutral pH of 7. This excellent product, used neat, will break down graffiti, remove oils, soot, grease and very tenacious railway soils from carriages and other railway equipment.

Taipan Traders promotes Safety within your workplace

Taipan Traders can supply your workplace with a declaration of chemical compounds. PDS and MSDS data sheets are also available. Taipan Traders can also supply laminated Hazchem and Safety directional charts.

Last Updated: 30 January 2017