Retail and Food Service Cleaning Products

Taipan Traders: Committed to your safety and quality of our products
With Taipan Trader’s all new quality products, we can supply a Certificate of Analysis (or COA or C of A) on any of our products as well as a Declaration of Hazardous Compound for the food industry.

We are also able to provide batch numbers, QA program for recalls, SG (Specific Gravity Analysis) and pH Level Analysis information. PDS and MSDS information can be requested by purchasing customers only. Our company does not carry carcinogenic raw metals or heavy metals. Our manufacturing plant does not use glass or wood within the manufacturing process.

Taipan Traders have a wide range of cleaning products for use in the food service and retail industry. All of our products are Food Industry Approved.

A Testimonial For Our Food and Retail Cleaning Products
Clancy’s Pies is a household name, in the baking industry and our products come at the highest standard. We are a HACCAP approved production facility, this meant that our suppliers and their products have to meet the high standard expected by Clancy’s, as well as those expected by HACCAP, and Workplace Health & Safety. We have been dealing with Taipan Traders for a period of 6 months, the product is unsurpassed, and Geoff has been able to attend to our needs both and large and small, sometimes with minimal lead time.. Read More
Food & Retail Industry Detergents

Food Degreazall – New Product
Food Degreazall is a heavy duty alkaline, solvent detergent used in the food industry. It removes grease, wax residue, food stains and potential bacteria. This product is DG8 – you must wear a protective face shield, gloves and apron at all times when using Food Degreazall. Apply product neat or diluted to necessary surfaces and scrub with appropriate equipment.

Bakers Degreaser – New Product
Bakers Degreaser is a gel neutral pH 6.5-7 compound that is safe on hands and removes burnt on fat, vegetables oils and burnt on baking grime. This is an amazing breakthrough product that is safe to use on electrics as you only need to apply to the surface area, agitate and wipe off. It does not affect paint work, it saves on water and is very eco friendly.

Rumble Clean LF (Low Foam)
A high quality, low foam turbulator sink detergent. Rumble Clean is safe on all metals.

Taipan Detergent HD
A tough, highly concentrated detergent foamed or manually applied for removal of the heaviest soils and grime. Taipan Detergent HD is free rinsing and of course heavy duty.

IDL Chemicals helps develop and supply Taipan Traders with excellent powdered and liquid laundry detergent and compounds. For more laundry related products see our range of top quality laundry detergents and also check out more IDL Chemicals products.
A Testimonial For Our Food and Retail Cleaning Products
I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with your “Plumbers Drain Cleaner” product. Recently I was called to two separate jobs, both blocked kitchen drainage lines in houses obviously blocked with fat and grease. Unable to use the electric eel, I poured about 2 litres of your product down each drain. Let it sit for a while and then plunged. The drains cleared with ease.
Its great to have a product that works. Thank you.
Peter Clear – PM & SJ Clear Plumbing (August 2015)
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Food & Retail Industry Cleaning Products

Subdue NRS
A quality low foam quat based, no rinse cleaner.

Sterilise 100
A highly concentrated, chlorinated alkaline salts cleaning powder and excellent floor cleaner. For use in food industry, applications include abattoirs and food processing plants. To be used. Product is used manually and diluted in water.

Sterilise 30
A quality heavy duty quat based cleaner used to control cross infections – must be rinsed off all surfaces after use.

Solva Kill
Alcohol based no rinse cleaner used to control cross infections – must be rinsed off all surfaces after use.

FG Chlorine 10
A full strength 10% sodium hypochlorite (bleach) economical cleaner.

Boot Cleaner
A quality dye indicator, quat base boot cleaner used to control cross infections.

Outside Bin Deodoriser
An active cleaner and deodoriser for all garbage disposal bins.

Food and Retail Industry Acid Cleaners and Detergents

Typhoon CIP
An excellent low foam combination acidic CIP detergent.

Acidic pH Adjuster
A highly concentrated organic acids to neutralise alkaline solutions.

Distill A
A concentrated acidic low foam CIP (Clean in Place) detergent. Distill A is available in liquid and powder.

Distill C
A concentrated alkaline low foam CIP (Clean in Place) detergent. Distill C is available in liquid and powder.

Seek CIP Ultra – New Product
Seek CIP Ultra is an extremely heavy gauge alkaline compound for removing heavy stains from kettles, lines, vats. Our product brightens metals and is free rinsing. We have been supplying this product to quality breweries and distilleries in Far North Queensland with exceptional results.

Tub/Cratewash LF
An alkaline low foam chlorinated CIP detergent.

Fat Breaker
A unique quality alkaline powdered soak detergent. Safe on all metals. Non-caustic.

Fat Breaker CIP – New Product
Fat Breaker CIP is a free rinsing, low foam, heavy duty alkaline detergent used in the food industry. Ideal for use in cheese manufacturing plants and removes oils, fats, butter and cheese residue.

Alkaline pH Adjuster
A highly concentrated organic alkaline solution to neutralise acidic solutions.

An exceptional smoke house oven and hot plate detergent.

Whoop Arsz Hot Tank 1
A truly exceptional heavy duty alkaline powdered detergent for engine re-conditioners.

Auto Scrub – DET LF
A truly exceptional low foam detergent designed for automatic floor scrubbers.

CIP Alkaline Detergents

Galaxy CIP
A high performance low foam detergent. Used in the removal of chocolate and cocoa butter in food production plants.

Seek CIP Ultra
An outstanding low foam alkaline detergent.

Alkaline Chlorinated Foam Detergents

A heavy duty alkaline chlorinated foaming detergent.

Viperfoam Plus
An extra heavy duty chlorinated foaming detergent that is safe to use on most metals.

A Testimonial For Viperfoam Plus
This letter service to formally confirm that Taipan Traders are Country Fresh Nationwide’s preferred trader for our sanitary purposes for our equipment and cold room floors, in particular “Viperfoam Plus – 200 litre”

Country Fresh Nationwide has used Taipan Traders products for a number of years in this regards and is consistently happy with the level of efficient service and management response to any issues.

I have no hesitation in recommending Taipan Traders and their products as suppliers to others in the industry.

Yours Sincerely,

Peter Little
Sales Manager
Country Fresh Nationwide
Coffs Harbour

Hospitality and Miscellaneous Cleaning Products

Whoop Arsz Dunny Destroyer
A high grade perfumed detergent disinfectant cleaner.

Whoop Arsz Toilet Terminator
An excellent acidic toilet and urinal disinfectant cleaner.

Hand Cleaning

Hands Anti-bacterial Hand Cleaner
A hand cleaner that counteracts cross infections and pathogens on hands.

Laundry and Incontinence Products

Liquid Laundry Break – New Product
Liquid Laundry Break is a heavy duty liquid laundry break detergent and is excellent for breaking up soils, grease in the break wash.

Laundry Safety Bleach – New Product
Laundry Safety Bleach contains 50% tech grade hydrogen peroxide and is safe to use on coloured garments and is an alternative to chlorine-based products where damage on coloured garments may occur. This product will work well in the main wash or bleach cycle.

Laundry Stain Remover – New Product
Laundry Stain Remover is an excellent liquid stain remover and cleaner that may be used in the break cycle for extra soil removal. This product may be added to the main wash if required or can be used neat on spotting stains via spray method.

Liquid Laundry Detergent – New Product
A sensational liquid laundry detergent for top and front loader washing machines.

Flushed Out – New Product
“Flushed Out” is a free rinsing agent that is a combination of organic acids and state of the art surfactants. It is used to dissolve iron content found in blood and in the first flush process in the laundry procedure. This product is excellent in the abattoir and commercial laundry industry where removing stubborn blood from laundry is a must.

Laundry Break – New Product
“Laundry Break” is a free rinsing liquid detergent with a compatible surfactants system that breaks down and emulsifies greases, animal fat and blood from garments and linen. Excellent for uses in commercial laundries.

Apple Fresh Concentrated Laundry Powder – New Product
An environmentally friendly, biodegradable laundry powder. It’s a low dose rate powder for top end and front end washing machines, that gives excellent results in all types of laundry washing. Safe on all colours and whites.

Queenslander HD
A quality heavy duty enzyme enhanced laundry powder for harsh water conditions.

Laundry Rust Remover – New Product
This free rinsing, laundry rust remover contains a combination of inorganic acids and selected surfactants. It’s used to remove heavy rust stain deposits from linen.

Laundry Acidic Sour – New Product
A free rinsing, concentrated and well balanced acid combination neutralise alkalinity in the wash program.

Abattoir Blood Stain Soaker
Heavy duty effective blood iron removing soak laundry detergent.

Fogging Compound – New Product
Liquid based fogging compound used to control cross infections. Used through chemical fogging machine within the food and farming industry. Mainly used for the egg and poultry industry and red meat abattoirs.