Banana and Fruit Industry Cleaning Products

Banana Industry
Taipan Traders’ Banana Vehicle/Truck Wash Cleaner has been tested for efficacy against fungus that causes Panama Wilt Disease by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF).

Testing found that our product was effective in reducing colonies of FOC Race 1 that cause Panama Wilt Disease.

For more information, please contact Geoff at Taipan Traders.

Banana Vehicle Truck Wash Cleaner – New Product
Banana Vehicle Truck Wash Cleaner has a detergent action to remove all soils from equipment in the banana industry that cause problems. This product is used in a wash trough and MUST be replaced every 2-3 days (at no less than 1% strength). Failure to replace solution will allow the build-up of contaminants and will make the product ineffective. Allow 5-10 minute contact time on all surfaces, rinse off with fresh potable water.

Banana Equipment De-Zapper
Banana Equipment De-Zapper is a combination of high quality selected solvents, coupled with compatible surfactants. This product will dissolve Banana sap, providing the correct procedure has been put in place.

Banana Trough/Shed Cleaner
This product has real grunt and ideally suited for the banana fruit and vegetable industry. Banana Trough/Shed Cleaner contains a combination of quality selected surfactants, solvents and alkali builders. Banana Trough/Shed Cleaner may be used manually or through foaming equipment and high-pressure water equipment.

Viperfoam Plus
An extra heavy duty chlorinated foaming detergent that is safe to use on most surfaces. Used to control cross infection on farming equipment.

Viperfoam Ultra
A newly developed product that builds upon the cleaning success of our Roller-belt De-stainer, works more rapidly and efficiently. Viperfoam Ultra is used to remove soils that may cause problems in the farming industry.

Roller / Belt De-stainer
A thick quality alkaline chlorinated de-staining detergent for use on production belts in the farming industry. Check out our feature product page on Roller / Belt De-stainer.

Guts–n-Grit Hand Cleaner
Non-hydrocarbon gel hand cleaner with abrasive properties. Guts-n-Grit Hand Cleaner will remove banana sap from hands.

Taipan Hands – New Product
A heavy duty hand cleaner that contains grit and well-balanced solvents. Also contains lanolin and will remove heavy grease, oil and soils and doesn’t leave the hands dry. This product is free rinsing.