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Looking for Industrial Degreasing Equipment? Our friends at Hotwash Australia manufactures excellent industrial degreasing equipment. Taipan Traders supply Hotwash Australia with cleaning products for use with their equipment. For more information, contact Taipan Traders or Hotwash Australia.
Industrial Cleaning Products

Hot Diesel Cleaner – New Product
Hot Diesel Cleaner is a heavy duty, alkaline cleaner. This product has anti-scale and water softening agents, coupled with a unique surfactant system that removes greases, oils, sludge, paint and carbon deposits. This product is best used with the hot water method at no less than 90°C. Cleaning tank must be topped up on a regular basis.

SP Degreaser – New Product
SP Degreaser is a heavy duty, water based solvent degreaser that is ideal for removing road soils, greases and oils from under truck and vehicle chassis.

SP Degreaser Ultra – New Product
SP Degreaser Ultra is a state of the art, solvent based degreaser. It produces no foam and is a quick remover of black jack, grease and oils from under truck and vehicle chassis.

Rapid Degreaser – New Product
A highly concentrated solvent degreaser. It will remove bitumen from surfaces and even the heaviest greases and soil. This product will emulsify and is free rinsing. Use it through a high pressure water system or soak process or brush method

Metal Shield Protector – New Product
An anti-corrosion compound for alloy and metal. Applied with soak process or brush on method.

Whoop Arsz Hot Tank 1
Superior heavy duty alkaline powdered detergent for engine re-conditioners. Soak process for ferrous and steel only. Removes synthetic oils, greases, paint and carbon. Used at high temperature for rapid soil removal.

A Testimonial For Our Industrial Products from ADPS
Our products are truly exceptional! Read a testimonial from one of our customers!

ADPS has a great working relationship with Taipan Traders. Geoff is attentive and understands our specific requirements and is always willing to work with us to provide suitable options for the smooth running of our business. Reliable, flexible, knowledgeable and resourceful are just a few ways in which we would describe Taipan Traders.

Kind Regards
Graham Heilig

Australian Diesel Particulate Services Pty Ltd
August 2015

A Testimonial For Air Emulsine Degreaser and Halledge Truck Wash products
Our products are truly exceptional! Read a testimonial from one of our customers!
“Hi Geoff,

Air Emulsine is cost effective and does a good job of removing new and old Emulsion they (the Jet Patchers) prefer to use it over other products that they have tried.

And we have tried numerous products and Air Emulsine seems to do a far better job of removing emulsion overspray from the trucks.

Halledge Truck Wash it’s another good product of yours that is used daily and cost effective, it is used through our Pressure Cleaner where there is no waste.

Everyone that uses the wash bay area are happy with Halledge Truck Wash.


Mark Ward
Supply Officer
Walgett Shire Council
February 2015”

A Testimonial For Whoop Arsz Hot Tank 1
Our products are truly exceptional! Read a testimonial from one of our customers!
“To Geoff,

We started using [Whoop Arsz] Hot Tank 1 and we found that it had amazing results!

It removed thick grease and carbon, paint and light rust with ease We even went against the recommendation of and used the product in cold water and achieved these great results.

Heated [at] 70° we found that Hot Tank 1 is exceptional, it made our blocks and heads come out of the tank with a new cast appearance.

This is the best product that we have used.

Well done Geoff!!

Well done Taipan!!

Kind regards
Robby Abbott

Abbott Engines

A Testimonial For Air Emulsine Degreaser
Our products are truly exceptional! Read a testimonial from one of our customers!

I am happy to endorse the Air Emulsion Degreaser. The staff who operate our Jet Patchers prefer this product to the other products I have trialed. I have trialed many products and have found that Air Emulsion Degreaser gives good value for money. The staff members find that it removes the emulsion overspray quite easily and is also very effective on older tar spots, leaving our vehicles in a cleaner and a more acceptable condition.


David Graham
Store/ Purchasing Superintendent
Moree Plains Shire Council
February 2015”

Whoop Arsz Tranzclenz
Sensational alkaline salts Spinwash detergent. Use 30 – 50 % less than opposition products. Used safely on all metals, removes molydenim grease, oils and various carbons in alloy ported heads.

A Testimonial For Taipan Traders Tranzclenz
Our products are truly exceptional! Read a testimonial from one of our customers!
“To Anyone of Interest,
I, Adam Broanda, of Adams Automatics, manufacturer of ABRO Hot Jet Parts Washers have recently trialed “Taipan Traders Tranzclenz” and have found it to be an excellent chemical for use in hot wash machines.”

Adam Broanda
Adams Automatic Transmission Services

3A, 47 Caloundra Rd
Caloundra QLD 4551
Ph: (07) 5491 8838

Taipan Hands – New Product
A heavy duty pink hand cleaner that contains grit. Removes heavy grease and oils safely from working hands. This product is free rinsing.

POW Pink Hand Cleaner – New Product
A heavy duty hand cleaner, contains grit and well balanced solvents. Also contains lanolin and will remove heavy grease, oil, paint and doesn’t leave the hands dry. This product is free rinsing.

Whoop Arsz 1 & 2 Soak Process * Updated Formula *
Latest technology A&B (Combination) Cleaner. operates at 60ºC. Soak process for all metals. Removes oils, grease, paint and carbon from alloy and steel. This product is excellent in ultrasonic cleaning for alloys and various metals. This product has a new formula that will remove tenacious paints more rapidly than its predecessor.

A Testimonial For Whoop Arsz 1 & 2 Soak Process
Our products are truly exceptional! Read a testimonial from a few of our customers!
Hi Geoff,

We have recently changed to the new chemical you have recommended for our Ultra Sonic cleaning machine.

Your product “Soak Process 1 and 2” has made a great difference to our cleaning process, with very noticeable results.

We have seen that all items cleaned in the new solution are coming out of the tank much cleaner with a lot more of the rust and carbon removed from the item.

Also the cleaning time for our units has reduced. I believe that this product has greatly improved our cleaning process and we will be changing to this product going forward.

Adam Hopkins
Overland Mechanical Services

Thanks! Geoff Hall of Taipan Traders for producing such an outstanding product.

As an engine reconditioning company, it is very important that all our components are clean and paint free. That is where Taipan Traders “Soak Process 1 and 2” is used.

It is safe, quick, effective and very cost efficient. Soak Process 1 and 2 has an extremely long tank life, after 7 years of constant use its finally come time for us to renew the product.

You can’t ask for much more than that!

Steve Sanders
Mining, Industrial & Marine Services Pty Ltd

Ultra-sonic HD
Alkaline concentrated detergent, fully inhibited, used only on ferrous and steel compounds. Will remove, grease, oil, paint and carbon.

A Testimonial For Ultrasonic HD & Emulsine Degreaser
Our products are truly exceptional! Read a testimonial from one of our customers!
“To Whom It May Concern:
Diesel Australia has been using cleaning products and chemicals from Taipan Traders for many years. We would have no hesitation to recommend their products to others in our field. Some, but not all of the products we use are-

“Tranzclenz” We have been using this in our hotwash for a number of years. We use it to remove oil, grease and dirt from aluminium, steel and plastic. Has great rust preventative properties and leaves our hotwash easy to clean at maintenance time.

“Ultrasonic HD” We use this in our 150L ultrasonic cleaner. It removes carbon and paint from steel with ease in a short period of time. Now comes with a booster bottle which extends the life of the cleaner. We have tried many other brands in our sonic and nothing comes close to Taipan.

Guy Hall
Workshop Manager
Diesel Australia

45 – 47 Allgas Street
Slacks Creek QLD 4127″

A Testimonial For Workshop Degreazall
Our products are truly exceptional! Read a testimonial from one of our customers!
To Whom It May Concern

Taipan Traders are supplying our workshop with a superior product called “Workshop Degreazall,”which is used every day to clean our floors. The product removes grease and oils safely and is free rinsing, leaving our floors safe to work on which is essential.

Taipan Traders have supplied laminated Hazchem Charts and Safety Charts as well as MSDS and PDS Data. We are also a fan of their laundry liquid which is excellent quality and value for money.

Taipan Traders are reliable and always available for technical support. We would recommend Taipan Traders to other companies who require quality and ongoing service.

Kind Regards,

Scott Paterson
Service Manager
K & J Trucks Coffs Harbour

Workshop Degreazall
Solvent water-based alkaline degreaser. Excellent floor cleaner. Used in automotive workshops, spray method.

Whoop Arsz Onya Mate Truck Wash
Quality high foam kick arsz truck detergent. Inhibited / free rinsing. Low pH compound. Environmentally Friendly. Spray or foam method.

Halledge HD Truck Wash
Sensatonal solvent based high foam truck detergent. Inhibited / free rinsing. Spray or foam method.

Budget Truck Wash
A liquid detergent for washing transport. Spray or foam method.

Sea Acid
Heavy duty combination acid based detergent. Soak or brush method. Used for removal of oxidisation and scale formation from metals. Ideal for industrial, farming and marine applications.

Whoop Arsz Swoop
Very effective powdered floor cleaner. Free rinsing / economical. Ideal for industrial, farming and marine applications.

A Testimonial For Our Industrial Plumbing Cleaning Products
I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with your “Plumbers Drain Cleaner” product. Recently I was called to two separate jobs, both blocked kitchen drainage lines in houses obviously blocked with fat and grease. Unable to use the electric eel, I poured about 2 litres of your product down each drain. Let it sit for a while and then plunged. The drains cleared with ease.
Its great to have a product that works. Thank you.

Peter Clear
PM & SJ Clear Plumbing
August 2015

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