Flood/Disaster and Sanitation Products

Taipan Traders have created many cleaning products designed specifically for the garbage and sanitation industry. Check our range of flood and sanitation cleaning products we have available.

Sanitation and Disaster Cleaning Chemicals

Viral Infection Surface Cleaner – New Product
Viral Infection Surface Cleaner is a quality product that has select raw materials that may help eradicate coronavirus/herpes simplex pathogens from surfaces only. This product may act as a broad spectrum anti-bacterial cleaner for dangerous pathogens and is very effective and economical to use. This product is non-DG with a neutral pH of 7.

Sewerage/Waste Water Conditioner – New Product
Sewerage/Waste Water Conditioner is a newly developed water conditioning dosing chemical for treatment of H2S malodour in sewerage and waste water. This product is very economical.

Council Truck Detergent – New Product
A marvellous, heavy duty truck detergent with a combination of solvents, selected surfactants and water softening agents. It’s free rinsing and it can remove the heaviest of road soils. Manually applied to your truck with a foamer or high pressure hose. Rinse with fresh potable water.

Flood Disinfectant
A highly effective disinfectant designed to eliminate mal-odours and control cross infection in all types of flood damaged areas.

G’day Geoff,
Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with using your Flood Disinfectant product.

It has been good to be able to move away from storing multiple products, and change to an all in 1 chemical that suits our needs. We are very happy with it, and the pleasant aroma it leaves behind after use.

We use it to eliminate odours in our sewerage stations, and also from our dead animal carcass pit at our landfill.

It’s a great product Geoff, and I thank you for developing it for us.

Many Thanks

Michael Colbran
Moree Plains Shire Council
March 2017

Fruit Fly Gone
A highly concentrated cleaner and deodoriser. Product is used at recycling centres and garbage tips. Keeps Ibis birds at bay and helps deter fruit flys. For external use only.

Fly-Away Deodoriser and Cleaner
A highly concentrated cleaner and deodoriser. Product is designed to eliminate mal-odours in commercial, industrial and household waste and recycling bins. Deters flies and maggots. Effective on dead animal carcasses and sewage spills. For external use only

To Whom it may concern

Fraser Coast Regional Council has used the two following products Flood Disinfectant & Fly-Away Deodoriser and Cleaner from Taipan Traders for a number of years now & have found these products to be very effective in the application in which we have used them for. Thanks,

Ron Broom
Supervisor Business Operations
Fraser Coast Waste
March 2017

Graffiti Cleaning Products

Enviro Graffiti Remover – New Product
Enviro Graffiti Remover is a thixotropic paint stripper that is neutral pH 7. It removes all forms of paint from various substrates, metal, alloy and brick. Our product is great for all purpose paint and graffiti removal. This product is free rinsing.